Permanent Placement

Permanent Placement

Once you’ve decided to hire a permanent employee, you would have begun the process of clearly defining the role and responsibilities of your future employee. Irespective of hiring your first or 50th employee, you know that locating and hiring the right candidate can be a very complex and time consuming task. To shorten your recruitment and hiring cycle, Hermes Networks actively recruits and maintains a network of IT professionals who are currently employed but seek to improve their skills or their environment. In fact, finding out the best IT professionals is a bit of challenge.

Our effectiveness in matching candidate’s hot buttons with our clients' requirements is rooted in our screening process - the BestMatch. We do not just take job orders - and fill them - we thoroughly understand the "pain" that goes along with the critical task of ascertaining the essential staff required to resolve their business issues. We don't fill openings or find ‘bodies’; we solve business problems by ensuring smooth, painless and effortless hiring process.

Hermes Networks proven methodology combined with our recruiting experience will increase your chances of attracting and retaining a long term employee for your organization.

The Hermes Networks Guarantee offers additional assurance that we have performed a responsible and thorough search for the best person for you. Our fee is 25% of the candidate's first year compensation. For further details, please contact our internal recruiter at

We’ve already sorted through, screened and met with the best available talent - and even some professionals who aren’t actively looking. We’re well prepared to help you make exceptional connections to the right IT professionals in every IT specialty, including: