Auto Center Solution

A complete web based application product for auto servicing centers. The application is responsive and can be viewed in multiple devices like laptop, iPhone and most of the popular Andriod based phones. The key feature is the configuration which helps every store to be unique in the looks. It is very easy to setup, configure and use. An end customer can add, modify the services that the service center provides.

Online appointment feature provides the customer to make the choice of the services, date and time of appointment. The application sends an email reminder to each customer a day prior to the appointment.

There are coupons and promotions that the user can print and bring it the service station to avail. The administrator can upload them at any time.

Expense Tracker

An IOS based app which helps end user to maintain and collate the receipts of his personal and official purpose. It allows to generate report based on a date range and the type of receipt. The product has the feature of capturing the receipts and entering the required data for it. It has the feature to add the frequently visited shops. It has email feature to send the reports.